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mathematics teaching kit


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Primary mathematics kit, consisting of mathematics teaching aids, is designed to meet the needs of mathematics teaching activities in primary schools based on the curriculum and textbooks. The primary mathematics kit consists of 23 items and is mainly for the teacher's demonstration, since only one of each item is supplied for any of teaching aids. Primary mathematics kit is designed to motivate pupils to learn mathematics through their own activities and to develop their abilities in observing and analyzing while carrying out the activities.


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Item name and description


for chalkboard use, 180 degrees, 440mm base length, 4.5mm thick rigid plastic with detachable handle.

Horizontal abacus

consisting of plastic base, wooden frame, 2 chrome plated metal rods and 20 plastic beads with dia. 28mm, in 2 parallel rows, 10 beads on each row. wooden frame size 340mm×120mm×40mm. Metal rod dia. 3.5-4mm. No rust on metal rods and no burrs on the plastic beads. The plastic beads are indeformable. The surface of the wooden frame is smooth, painted evenly.

Vertical abacus

consisting of wooden base, 5 chrome plated metal rods and 50 plastic beads with dia. 28mm, in 5 columns and 10 beads on each column.base size 85mm×235mm×70mm. total height 240mm. Metal rod dia. 3.5-4mm. The surface of the wooden frame is smooth, painted evenly.

Square sets

blackboard set square, 30-60-90�?and 45-45-90�? longest side 60cm, min. 4.5mm thick plastic,graduated in cm on all sides with detachable handle.


for blackboard use, 40cm long, hard plastic, with metal butterfly screw for adjusting tightness. Holder with spring mechanism, adjustable for round and square chalk, interchangeable suction foot and compass point in soft plastic

Geographic board

335mm×535mm, 5mm thick. Printed with 187 grids with the size of 30mm×30mm. The surface is smooth with clear silk screen printing. Copper pins are nailed on each crossing point of the grids, 5.5mm high, all pins are of same height, firm, straight. With a string handle firmly placed on the board.

Oral practice unit

demostration board, rigid plastic, 140mm×288mm, 8mm thick. 4 sets of Character cards, each set has 16 cards with the size of 37mm×50mm. Smooth surface, clear silkscreen printing and no cracking.

Angel demonstrator

0º-360º, foldable, aluminium disk dia.120mm, 0.5mm thick. The width of the plastic piece is 14mm, altogether 4 plastic pieces with the length of 65mm, 90mm, 112mm and 127mm. The surface of the disk is smooth and no scratch, with clear silkscreen printing. No burrs on the plastic piece.


plastic, consisting of 1000 cubes. The volume of each cube is 1 cubic centimeter. All 1000 cubes can form a cube of 1 cdm.

5 colors, each color has 200 pieces. Smooth, no burrs and indeformable.

Counting rods

plastic, set of 100 rods, 5 colors, 20 rods in each color. The cross-section of the plastic rod is hexagon with dia. 3.5mm. Rods high 100mm. No burrs. All packed in a plastic bag.

Clock model

for demonstration, plastic, 3 interlinked hands, 24 hrs, dia. 250mm.

Volume unit demonstrator

1 cdm demonstrator, plastic, min. 3 colors. consisting of four parts of 4 different sizes, 10mm×10mm×10mm;90mm×10mm×10mm ;90mm×100mm×10mm and100mm×100mm×90mm. The four parts can form 1 cdm with the size of 100mm×100mm×100mm.

Volume and surface area demonstrator for cylinder

the surface area demonstrator is made of rigid plastic, demonstrating one expanded flank of the cylinder and two bases of the cylinder. The volume demonstrator is divided into 2 equal parts, consisting of 15 sectors (each sector is equal to 1/16 of the cylinder volume)and 2 sectors (each sector is equal to 1/32 of the cylinder volume).The two equal parts can also form an approximate cuboid. The volume demonstrator is 150mm high and dia. 100mm

Cone volume set

rigid plastic, transparent, consisting of one cylinder and one cone. The cylinder and the cone share the same circle area and same height, dia. 100mm, height 150mm.

Geometry set

consisting of 5 plastic pieces, one cylinder with dia. 60mm and height 100mm; one hollow cylinder with inner dia. 60mm, outer dia. 100mm, and 100mm high; one cube with 100mm×100mm×100mm; one cuboid with 60mm×100mm×140mm; one cone with base dia. 60mm, 102mm high. smooth surface and no scratch, no burrs.

Area and Perimeter Demonstrator

Relation between surface area and arris length for rectangle

consisting of one plastic cuboid (size 140mm×100mm×60mm) and 6 plastic pieces demonstrating the surface area of the same size cuboid. Smooth and no burrs on the surface.

Circular areas and diameter demonstrator

plastic demonstration board, size 480mm×250mm×10mm. Can be used to deduce the formular of the area of a circle and the ratio of the circumference of a circle. The circular area demostrotar is consisting of 15 sectors (each sector is equal to 1/16 of the cylinder volume)and 2 sectors (each sector is equal to 1/32 of the cylinder volume). Circle dia. 200mm. The demonstrator of the ratio of the circumference of a circle is also plastic, dia. 100mm. printed with starting point of scrolling. toothlike round sides. one ruler with graduation is printed on the board, one side is toothlike. The numbers of the tooth on the ruler is same with the numbers o f the tooth on the circular.

Capacity Unit Demonstrator

transparent plastic box with the capacity of 1000ml and one plastic cube with the volume of 1 cdm. The cube can be just put into the box. The plastic cube is indeformable and no burrs. The silkscreen printing is correct, clear and not askew.

Fraction kit

Rigid plastic, including 2 pieces of 1/2 circle, 3 pieces of 1/3 circle, 4 pieces of 1/4 circle, 5 pieces of 1/5 circle and 6 pieces of 1/6 circle. Each set can form a same size circle with dia.200mm. Also including 5 circular plastic films, demonstrating two equal divisions, four equal divisions, six equal divisions, eight equal divisions and twelve equal divisions of a circle separately. Magnetic set on the back of each piece, can be used on steel blackboard. all pieces are packed in a round plastic box with the size of dia. 210mm×28mm.

Geometry figures

Consisting of 7 plastic pieces with 7 different shape. 1 coboid: 199mm×133mm, 2mm thick, overlap 2mm, printed with 24 grids of the size of 33.5mm×33.5mm.1 Right-angled triangle: right angle sides 133mm × 66mm, hypotenuse 148mm, 2mm thick, overlap 2mm.1 right-angled trapezium , upper side 133mm, lower side 199mm, height 133mm, hypotenuse 148mm. 2mm thick, overlap 2mm. (the right-angled triangle and right-angled trapezium can form a cuboid of 199mm×133mm. 24 grids with each size 33.5×33.5mm will be printed on the surface of the forming cuboid, 2mm thick, overlap 2mm). 2 triangles, 45°-65°-70°, 174mm×135mm××178mm, base side 174mm. 3mm thick, overlap 2mm. with altitude line printed on the surface. 2 trapezoids, 75°-105°-110°-70°, base side 143mm, upper side 62mm, other sides 223mm, and 290mm. with altitude line printed on the surface. thick 3mm and overlap 2mm

Geometry figure making card

Consisting of four pieces of cards, each size 388mm×270mm. The expanded picture of cube, cuboid, cylinder and cone is printed separately on the four cards. Cutting off the picture along the edge, and folding along the dashed line, the four cards can be folded into the one cube, one cuboid, one cylinder and one cone.

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