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science teaching kit


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Primary science teaching kit, consisting of 31 items, is designed to meet the needs of science teaching and activities in primary schools based on common curriculum and textbooks. Primary science kit is designed to motivate pupils to learn science through their own activities and to develop their abilities in observing, thinking and analyzing the demonstrated science activities. More items should be required individually base on the numbers of pupils in the classroom if the teaching aids such as, magnets, heat kit, sound kit, etc., are used for pupils group activities.


Picture of the item

Item name and description

Hanging Weights

50g for each, with polished and plated surface, without rust spots, 10 pieces in a case, case size: 102mm×67mm×37mm.

Spring Scale

0.5N,spring scales with a hanging loop and an aluminium frame, force can be measured either in N or in gram,size:170mm×42mm, plated surface without rust spots, burrs and scratch.

Simple Mechanical kit

consisting of vertical shank, lever, Φ60 large wheel, Φ30 small wheel, large gear, small gear, 2 fixed pulleys, movable pulley, rotating wheel, piston with connecting rod, fixing piece, 2 long bolts, 3 short bolts, small bolt, driving belt,3 strings with hooks, rotating handle, long rod and brake rod. all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 10 locating holes, case size:285mm×100mm×32 mm,

Floating & Sinking Kit

consisting of mini pressure gauge, cylinder , hanging bucket, cylinders (iron, aluminium, plastic, wood), submarine model, robber tube, gasbag, plasticise and foam piece, all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 12 locating holes, case size: 208mm×130mm×35mm

Turbine wheel

plastic, consisting of U shape handle (154mm X 50mm X 9 mm), 8+2 plastic blades with round top and size of 25mm x49mm,and an axle with 8 gears.

Sound Kit

consisting of 2 axles for strings adjusting, 2 terminals for fixing strings, triangle piece, strings (thin& thick ), 2 supporters for strings, loudspeaker, loudspeaker cover, film sheet, 2 bases for sheet inserting, 1 pair of phones, bell, small hammer and 2 whistle pipes(thin & thick) . all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 2 locating holes, case size 287mm×105mm×44mm

Heat Kit

consisting of red copper wire, hand, 2 vertical rods, wiring rod, socket for white screen, white screen, plastic cylinder(transparent), 2 bases, tube, 2 plastic tubes (transparent), pin axle, 2 rubber stops ( large and small), plastic rod, aluminium rod , 2 simple thermometers, copper rod, Vaseline, candle, and tight screw. all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 6 locating holes, case size 287mm×105mm×30m,

Solid Expansion Kit

Handle type, one Φ25.4mm cooper ball and one ring for demonstration, plastic handle.

Static Electricity Kit

consisting of 2 plexiglass strips, 2 plastic strips, silk, a piece of fur, electroscope, small electrophorus, square electrophorus, support with rotating piece, neon tube, electricity test foils, hooks and strings, foam balls and hanging rod. all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 8 locating holes, case size 208mm×130mm×37mm

Electricity Kit

consisting of 3 bulb holders, 3 bulbs (2.5v), 3 switches, plug socket, 2 battery holders, 3 conducting materials, electromagnet, 2 insulating materials, and wires. All pieces are placed in a plastic case with 9 locating holes, case size: 208mm×130mm×35mm

Magnetic Kit

consisting of U shape magnet, 2 bar magnets, 2 round bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, a box of iron filing ,2 transparent trolleys, magnetized needle, base for magnetized needle, rotating piece, compass, pieces of copper, iron, aluminium and plastic, and plastic rod. all pieces are placed in a plastic case with 9 locating holes, 150mm×105mm×30mm

Primary Optical kit

consisting of a bulb and bulb holder, 3 sockets, 2 plane mirrors, convex lens(thick, thin, cylindrical), prism, a hole piece, single slit piece, three-slip piece, white screen, ground glass sheet, little candle and a rod (or log screw). all pieces are put in a plastic case with 9 locating holes, case size: 208mm×130mm×28mm

Dissecting Kit

consisting of one 135mm dissecting scissors, one 135mm bend dissecting scissors, one 125mm straight tweezers, one 125mm bend tweezers, one 135mm dissecting needle, and two 135mm dissecting cutter, total 7 pieces of tools are packed in a sponge-rubber bag.

Dissecting Tray

Stainless plate with wax , plate size 190mm×260mm×15mm,the wax are clean, without stain.

Magnifying Glass

Φ60 mm glass,3×, indeformable plastic handle, no burrs.

Air pressure demonstrator

consisting of a plastic cup with Φ63mm at top and Φ57mm at bottom x 85mm high, thickness of 2.3mm, 2 suction hooks inside, a spring Φ12mm x 24mm,a 5 ml plastic syringe

Sun height gauge

Metal plate diameter 100mm, clear printed scale, plastic base dia. 84mm.


Diameter 40mm, 10mm thick, aluminium base, transparent plastic cover, metal needle pointer

Minerals, rocks, fossils samples

Wooden box, 195mmx122mmx30mm, with 16 checks inside each check size 42mm×24mm, with a rock sample in each check, total 16 samples of 1.Basalt, 2. Granite, 3.Andesite, 4.Rhyolite,5. Sandstone, 6.Shale, 7.Conglomerate,8.Limestone, 9.Shale,10.Marble, 11.Magnetite, 12.Muscovite, 13.Chalcopyrite, 14.Quartz,15.Animal fossil, 16.Plant fossil.


Glass, 100oC, red liquid display, 300mm length, clear scale

Demonstrative thermometer

Plastic board, glass thermometer, red liquid display, board size 500mm×85mm×15mm.

Plastic transparent basin

Transparent plastic container with outside of 262mm x 192mm at top and outside of 254mm x 184mm at bottom, thickness of 2.8 mm, height 107mm, with a base of 238mmx168mmx4.5mm. a white plastic supporter( three plastic pieces)

Simple pulleys

Plastic, including two single pulley of Φ40mm, 14mm thick and two double pulley of Φ40mm, 24 mm thick, metal part without rust spots.


Hard Plastic tube of Φ31.5mm x 300mm, with clear imaging.


Prism with each side of 25mm, height >70mm, metal handle with dia. 6mm, length >60mm. plated surface without rust spots.


Plastic beam with 520mm×24mm×7mm, metal base with 255mm×100mm×12mm, supporting rod dia.6mm, 300mm long.

Experiment Trolley

Plastic trolley, 120mm×78mm×40mm, indeformable, metal axle, no rust spot on the metal axle.

Overflowing Cup

Transparent Plastic, Φ75mm,height of 123 mm, without scratching and spots


Plastic, size 155mm×75mm×55mm, can hold 4 D Type batteries.

Seed Germinating Unit

Transparent plastic cup with Φ63mm at top and Φ57mm at bottom, height of 85mm, thickness of 2.3mm, and three detachable shelves,each shelf with Φ45mm, total height of the three shelves is about: 115-122mm.

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