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Digital Music Electronic Teaching-board


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The relevant relations of keyboard, tone and music table on the pitch.

2) The relevant relations of melody, signature and keyboard musical scale.

3) The interval relations between tones.

4) The composition of the main and often-used chords.

5) The principle how signature #b has appeared.

6) Keyboard fingering teaching

7) Use the pointer to exercise the memorizing and understanding of the staff.


Main product functions

l Keyboard: 61 keys are the no-strength keys.

l Staff table: A group of writing big music tables (Write with white-board pen).

l Demo functions: Electronic pointer, simultaneous teaching demonstration with keyboard.

l Display: 3-section digital tube working status display; 3-color LED light pitch display.

l Operation: The selection of tone color, rhythm and songs apply digital buttons+/-for selection.

l Tone color: 129128 standard GM tone colors and a group of keyboard percussion tone colors.

l Rhythm: 100.

l Songs: 80

l Modified tones: 7

l Signature transfer: The transfer of rising tone “#”and falling tone“b”.

l Chord mode: combination of single and multiple finger chords.

l Recording: One-piece real time recording.

l Speed: you can select within the range of 40280.

l Main volume: you can select within the range of 031.

l Accompaniment volume: you can select within the range of 031.

l Rhythm control: Start/stop, automatic undertone chord (A. B.C) and simultaneous start.

l Other functions: portamento, metronome, tone display, etc.

l Equipped with music theory sliding gauge: musical scale, three chords, seven chords and tone intervals, etc.

l Interface: MIDI input and output; circuit input and output.

Main performances

1) RangeC—c4 (61 kyes)

2) Pitcha1=440Hz ≤±5 tone division

3) Rated output power10W+10W

4) Power supply:220V/50Hz ±10%

5) Consumption Power≤40W

6) Specification1700×850×70mm


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