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power system relay protection system


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The system can fulfill the lab exercises as follow:

1. Electromagnetic current relay and voltage relay

2. Electromagnetic time relay

3. DXM--2A signal relay

4. Intermediate relay

5. 6~10kV circuit over current protection

6. Low voltage firing over current/load protection

7. BFY--12A transistor negative sequence voltage relay

8. Compound voltage start over current protection

9. ZC-23 surge relay

10. Repetitive operated manual-restoring audible signal equipment

11. Repetitive operated automatic-restoring audible signal equipment

12. Breaker control circuit with light monitoring

13. Breaker control circuit with light and acoustic monitoring

14. Flashing device (flashing relay)

15. Breaker control circuit with skipping latching relay

16. Current latching and voltage quick-break protection

17. Generator over voltage protection

18. DH-3 3-phase primary reclosing equipment

19. Automatic reclosing before acceleration protection

20. Automatic reclosing after acceleration protection

21. BCH-2 differential relay characteristics

22. Single-side power supply radiant line triple-segment current protection

23. Over current protection and 3-phase automatic reclosing equipment synthetic experiment and examination



1. Relay groupware

2. Instrumentation groupware: DC digital ammeter, DC digital voltmeter, AC TRMS

ammeter, AC TRMS voltmeter, digital stopwatch.

3. Adjustable high power resistance: 2×12.6Ω/300W, 6×220Ω/300W, 6×20Ω/150W,

6×36Ω/150W, 2×8Ω/150W, 6×800Ω/150W, 2×2500Ω/150W.

4. Character indicator, pilot indicator, ringer

5. 3-phase 0~450V adjustable AC power supply

6. 40~250V High voltage variable DC power supply

7. 3-phase isolated transformer and current generator

8. Timer & alarming recorder

9. Human and device safety protection device

10. Accessories and connecting wires

11. Operating instructions and laboratory manual

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