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electrical engineering training system


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The electrical engineering training system is designed for experiment teaching of electrical engineering. It can not only be applied to electrical engineering experimental teaching but also can be applied to electrical engineering training.

Features :

1. Building block design

Standardized Modules are applied which makes the platform an open system. The pre-defined experiments can be implemented in one module. For the complex experiments, two or more modules can be assembled to accomplish them .New modules can be added easily. User can also design the customized module on the platform.

2. Safety

Leakage circuit breakers are applied to assure the human body safety. Besides this, more than 100kV voltage withstand insulating plate is also applied to avoid current leakage.

3. Reliability

The platform is made of high quality components and material. overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protecting components are applied on each key circuit. Even mis-operation will not result in fatal failure.

4. Design for self-inquiry inspiration

A universal circuit training system module is applied as a special module. So students can design and debug their various experimental circuits on the platform, which provides the most flexibility for them.

5. Easily customized

Users can choose the experiments needed, and the platform can be customized to user-defined size.


Experiments supported

1. V/A characteristic plotting of linear and non-linear circuit components

2. Determinating of electric potential and voltage, plotting of circuit electric potential map

3. Proof of Kirchhoff's law and failure detecting

4. Proof of superposition principle and failure detecting

5. Equivalent transformation of voltage source and current source

6. Proof of Thevenin theorem, Norton theorem and determination of maximum power transfer conditions

7. Experiment of two-port network

8. Experiment of reciprocity theorem

9. Research of Sine AC circuit in steady state vector and improvement of power factor

10. Research of single-phase kilowatt-hour meter

11. Domestic lighting power supply

12. Measuring parameters in mutual inductance circuit

13. Experiment of single phase transformer

14. Comprehensive experiment of mutual inductor

15. Negative impedance convertor and performance test

16. Experiment of designing a multimeter

17Observing and measurement of typical signals

18. Determinatiing the impedance characteristic of RLC component

19. Determinating the characteristic of crossover network of serial or parallel RC circuit

20. Research of serial RLC resonant circuit

21. Crossover network of RC double T

22. Research of parallel RLC resonant circuit

23. Equivalent parameters of AC circuit measured by three watt-hour meters

24. Research of three-phase AC circuit

25. Power measuring experiment of three-phase circuit

26. Application of three-phase circuits---Comprehensive experiment of motor control

27. Response experiment of RC first order circuit

28. Response experiment of second order dynamic circuits (observation of circuit state trajectory)


30. Gyrator and performance test


EETS-02, Instrument I Module-DC VoltageCurrent Meter & Pulse Signal Source

3-Phase Circuit Experiments Module I

AC Circuit Experiments Module I

AC Circuit Experiments Module II

AC Circuit Experiments Module III

AC Circuit Experiments Module IV

Controlled Sources, Gyrator & NIC

Three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor

Control Panel

Heavy current cable

Light current cable

Fluorescent Lamp Power Factor Increase Module

Magnetics Experiments Module

EETS-03, Instrument II Module- Adjustable Voltage Source & Constant Current Source

EETS-04, Instrument III Module-Function Signal generator & Stabilized Voltage Source

3-Phase Circuit Experiments Module II

3-Phase Circuit Experiments Module III

Universal Circuit Board Module

Experiment desk

Asynchronous I motor and support

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